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Performance Food

Meal service for athletes, performers…

and every overachiever in your office.

Masterlab takes healthy eating to the next level. We combine the science of performance nutrition with modern culinary flair to ensure staying on your A-game is as easy as possible.

Every ingredient is chosen with purpose. Every meal designed to serve your needs. Healthy eating just levelled up.

Performance first

Whole foods are just the beginning

A lot of our competition assumes that just because they use whole ingredients that that is enough to support your health. Here at Masterlab, we know you need more.

You need more than just whole foods to optimize your performance. You need the right balance of macronutrients to feel your best. You need particular ingredients and micronutrients to recover properly. We aren’t just putting veggies on your plate and calling it a day. We are in the lab, decoding the science, and creating the perfect formula that will take you to your next level.


Every team requires the right fuel to compete—not just in sport. Research shows that office workers are productive for less than

Meal Service

Masterlab Meal Service is available in Edmonton only and currently serves the needs of our official partners, such as F C Edmonton and members of the C F L who reside in the Edmonton area, as well as local fighters, dancers, models, and other performers who work with us.

Masterlab Veggie Wraps

Comfort food
has met its match

A myth exists that food that is good for you tastes anything but. On one hand, in the culinary world, chefs rely on tradition (and a lot of butter) to excite your palate. The modern research that exists on nutrition are of little to no concern to the average restaurant.

On the other hand, nutritional supplements and foods marketed as such have long relied on function over form. Sure, it may have the technical specs, but who really needs another protein bar that makes a great cardboard substitute.

We’ve cut through all of that to create a menu that combines the nutrition you need with the flavour you crave. Here at Masterlab, satisfaction and health are no longer mutually exclusive.

Science of flavour

Sacrificing flavour doesn’t make you better, faster, or tougher. It makes you a sucker.

The science is in: flavour is what satisfies. Just because we’re eating well, doesn’t mean we don’t care about taste.

Fat, salt, acid, sweet. Umami. Crunch. We take the science of satisfaction seriously, and we know how to create it in ways that bolster your health, not detract from it. Combined with our nutrition-first focus, our ever-evolving menu serves two functions: to bolster mental and physical performance, while reminding us what it means to be human by delighting the senses.


Work together

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Mental constructs

Being organic or natural isn’t necessarily as important as being an unprocessed whole food. Organic crops are often grown next to regular ones (the cost of licensing an entire field as organic is prohibitively expensive) and “natural” is a meaningless term used by marketing.

It’s the processing of food that destroys their invaluable nutrients.

You are what you eat?

It’s not just about what you’re eating. It’s also about what you’re not.

Optimal performance is about more than what’s on your plate. It’s also about managing inflammation and keeping your gut health in check. That’s why we keep common irritants like gluten and dairy out of all of our menu items.

Flavours you crave
made from ingredients you need

You don’t have to trade performance for enjoyment when they’re one and the same

Performance Food

Erin Smandych

Erin Smandych is a private chef and health educator specializing in the nutritional and culinary needs of persons with athletic and performance goals in the Edmonton area and abroad.

Certified in culinary nutrition, her menus blend the benefits of whole foods with the styles and flavours that characterize modern cuisine.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about ordering or subscribing to weekly meal service

No! We want you to be able to use the service as much or as little as you need without worrying about being locked into a subscription (but we know you’ll be hooked once you try it)!

Yes. During our soft-launch period the menu will be staying primarily the same, however after that period ends our menu will change weekly. The menu for the following Sunday’s delivery will be up on Mondays at 12:00p MST (seven days before delivery).

Yes, some of our meals freeze really well. Use your best judgment when it comes to what you’d like to freeze. For example a salad: not recommended, but a curry would be a great freezer-friendly option.

Enjoy your meals within four to five days of receiving them. They will be the freshest and most delicious during this time frame. We also suggest consuming any salads first for maximum enjoyment and nutritional benefit.

No there is not, though we currently only offer deliveries one day /week so we recommend stocking up accordingly!

No! This is a service for anyone who needs to eat well to be on top of their game. Whether you are an athlete, creative, executive, or simply someone who needs their nutrition to be on point, this service is here to help support you. If you are interested in one of our done-for-you meal plans and aren’t sure which is right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

We love supporting and partnering with local athletes. Please contact us with your inquiry.

We currently deliver within Edmonton only.

Deliveries occur on Sundays between 12–3:00p MST.

For that week’s Sunday delivery: order by Friday at 12:00p MST.

We deliver to anywhere with a physical address. As to not disrupt delivery service or to avoid additional delivery fees, please ensure you have provided any codes to help our delivery partner access your community. These notes can be added when you place your order to ensure our drivers know where to leave your meals. We cannot deliver to a PO box.

At the moment, yes. While we do have excellent insulated packaging and ice packs for storage during transit, we are currently sourcing single-use options that can keep your meals cold until you arrive home. We are working on making that option available ASAP, but in the meantime you will need to be able to bring your meals inside and refrigerate them upon delivery. Storage containers for deliveries are sanitized before and after every use, and our drivers follow all food safety precautions.

Our delivery service is contactless. You will receive email and text notifications to let you know when your meals are delivered. Please ensure your contact info is up-to-date when you place your order.

Yes. Don’t forget to specify your delivery instructions (access codes, location to leave box, etc) on the checkout page.

NOTE: We are not responsible for packages that are delivered to the correct address but are stolen due to inability to access your home/building. If the box was delivered to your requested address and was then taken/stolen, Masterlab is not responsible for the theft and cannot provide refunds. That being said, we’ll always do our best to remedy any displeasing situation.

Your meals will need to be refrigerated immediately upon delivery. 

Our delivery fee is $10 per delivery for orders under $150. If you order $150 or more, your delivery is free.

For the time being this service is delivery only. Once COVID-19 measures change and our café reopens we will be making pickup hours available on Sunday afternoons.  

The majority of our meals are 100% vegan, and are tagged as such on the ordering page. We do however offer some animal proteins as options for those who find they benefit from their inclusion. Those items can be added from the “Add-ons” section. Occasionally our meals will include some animal products, and will be clearly marked as such. All animal products that are prepped in our facility are done so with separate cookware and utensils.

All of our meals are gluten, dairy, and peanut free. However if you do have severe allergies please note that we cannot guarantee zero cross contamination, as some of our products may be prepared in a facility that contains those allergens.

While we love offering options that our customers look forward to, we aren’t able to substitute or switch out ingredients or proteins in the meals you see on our menu.

Yes, just contact us at before the 12:00p MST cut-off on the Saturday before your Sunday delivery. Add-ons are subject to availability. Unfortunately, once the menu closes we are unable to process any changes to your order.

We understand that things come up without notice. For a full credit or refund, orders must be cancelled by midnight MST at least THREE DAYS before your delivery. Orders cancelled before 8:00a MST on Saturday for Sunday delivery are subject to a credit only. We cannot accept cancellations or issue any credits after 8:00a MST on Saturday for Sunday deliveries.