Café and smoothies

9:00a to 2:00p Mon–Fri open early

11:00a to 2:00p Sat–Sun for lunch

Masterlab Performance Food is safely open to the public (and joined by Coffeelab smart food coffee elixirs)! Located in the heart of Oliver, on Jasper Ave, come by and experience for yourself the delicious meals we have been providing to Edmonton’s various athletes, from Team Canada’s local Olympic athletes to F C Edmonton.

Healthy smoothies

Edmonton’s healthy alternative to the typically sugar-laden smoothie.

Hearty bowls

From the famous Buddha Bowl to our stews and soups du jour.


A variety of quality kombucha, on tap and various brands available to go.

Performance smoothies

Filling and energizing! Find balance without all the sugar.
591 mL (20 oz) $10.95

Mint Chip

16 g net carbs 12 g protein

Mint, cacao nib, spinach, cauliflower, banana, spirulina, vanilla, hemp, chia, almond milk, monk fruit.

Almond Razz

17 g net carbs 11 g protein

Raspberries, cauliflower, almond butter, chia, banana, almond milk, monk fruit.

Strawberry Strong

15 g net carbs 12 g protein

Strawberries, cauliflower, cashews, lemon, chia, monk fruit.

Berry Basil

17 g net carbs 12 g protein

Blueberries, avocado, basil, chia, hemp, monk fruit.


16 g net carbs 12 g protein

Strawberries, carrots, ginger, turmeric, chia, hemp, banana, almond milk, black pepper.

Power shakes

Protein packed! Crush that extra mile.
591 mL (20 oz) $11.95

Cookie Monster

39 g net carbs 39 g protein

Oats, Vega® Sport Vanilla protein, almond butter, banana, almond milk, cinnamon, sea salt.

Tropical Green

23 g net carbs 23 g protein

Pineapple, Vega® Sport Vanilla protein, collard greens, spirulina, hemp, chia, coconut milk.

Keto Coffee Shake

4 g net carbs 38 g protein

Vega® Sport Vanilla protein, coffee, cacao, maca, coconut milk, hemp seed, sea salt.


Hot and cold options. Get your lunch on.

Caesar salad

House-made cashew caesar dressing, walnut parmesan, coconut bacon, crispy chickpeas. 12.75

Buddha bowl

House-made tahini dressing, carrots, beets, quinoa, crispy chickpeas, romaine, avocado. 12.75

Taco salad

House-made roasted jalapeño dressing, black beans, yam, cherry tomatoes, romaine, pickled red onion, avocado, salsa. 12.75

Kale apple salad

House-made citrus dijon vinaigrette, pecans, dates, crispy chickpeas. 12.75


Hot and delicious. Ask for today’s feature.
Sm 5.95 Lg 9.95


Also hot and delicious, but for those ravenous monsters who find soup won’t cut it, no matter how delicious. Sm 5.95 Lg 9.95