Proprietary back-opening and -strengthening class

Deepak Bhardwaj

India’s thirteen-time National Yoga Champ and overall World Champion.
Online classes exclusive to Masterlab.

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Meal Service

It’s never been easier (or more delicious) to crush your goals.
Macro- and micronutrients tailored for your performance.

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Community Choice Awards for Edmonton’s Favourite Yoga Studio

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Executive Catering

Not all foods are right for the workplace.

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Online yoga

The world’s best yoga teachers in one place,
like UK National Yoga Champion, Michael Eley.

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Smartfood coffee elixirs.
Open 09:00 weekdays for your convenience.

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Smoothie Reset

Three delicious smoothies a day for three days
(with miso vegetable soup)!

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Two of the most powerful ways to improve performance are through yoga and good food.

Masterlab Yoga Sport & Performance Food

Inside every person is a champion. However, there is no magic answer to releasing it. The best versions of ourselves only show up for us when we show up for the best versions of ourselves.

Masterlab is dedicated to making this as easy (and delicious) as possible. We know that taking that step through the door is often the most difficult part of any regimen.

So: Yoga. Good food. Together or separate. Sign up for Masterlab’s free 20-minute yoga sessions and feel the difference it makes or visit us in Oliver, Edmonton, for one of our performance-enhancing Coffeelab elixirs. Trial Masterlab Catering for a week and see for yourself how much better you and your coworkers focus when properly fed.

Willpower requires fuel

Meal Service

Masterlab works with members of Team Canada and the CFL who call Edmonton home. We’re the official partner of FC Edmonton and Ballet Edmonton. Now you can benefit from the same tailored nutrients with a Personalized Meal Service!


Our capacity to focus drains with mental activity. To maintain focus and performance, the brain requires the correct fuel. Masterlab Catering uses the best and most beneficial ingredients to keep any Edmonton workplace on top of their game.

Free online yoga

Masterlab’s free 20-minute lunchtime yoga sessions, via Zoom®

Get your stretch on every Monday and Wednesday with Masterlab! Semiweekly classes to break up the sitting, staring, and clicking. Masterlab is dedicated to enhancing focus and productivity—not just on the field but at the office. Our Catering services are the solution to exhausted willpower, and our free 20-minute yoga sesh twice a week is the ideal way to keep you on top of your game.

Yoga studio safely reopens

Edmonton’s Favourite Yoga Studio

Before renaming to Masterlab in 2020, we were Studio X Bikram Yoga, where we won various Community Choice Awards for Edmonton’s Favourite Yoga Studio over the years. We take that seriously, so we have taken additional weeks and measures to ensure the safe reopening of Masterlab Yoga Sport. Feel free to schedule your next class on the Yoga page or call us with any questions or concerns you might have.

The team is happiest working with you in person and in the safest manner possible.

We continue to look for ways to improve our players overall health, both mental and physical, while socially isolating. After F C Edmonton’s online training sessions with Masterlab’s yoga coaches, I am delighted with their ability to engage our team. They provide clear instructions and explain what each pose is working on. Providing demonstrations to the players is fantastic for the team. I’ve been blown away by the level of knowledge and expertise shown.
Jeff Paulus
Head Coach, FC Edmonton
Masterlab is one of the most welcoming communities I have ever been a part of. I was challenged daily in the yoga studio, always shown how to grow a bit more every day. The meals are crafted with intent but not at the expense of flavour. Masterlab always provides the necessary physical challenge and easy access to the right foods, both keeping mind and body in top form. Most importantly, genuine people that care about you. My one-stop shop!
Dexter Janke
Grey Cup Champion & Canadian Olympic Team
Laur Elle

Check out the new EP from Laur Elle

Laur Elle lights up the room every time she walks through our doors. It’s our absolute pleasure to announce the drop of her new EP, The Art of Pretending, out now!

The strength for grace

Masterlab Official Partner

Ballet is one of the most precise and demanding styles of dance in the world. Ballet Edmonton’s roster hails from Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, and Mexico. It’s an honour and privilege to work with them. (Some come as often as every day!) With its award-winning yoga studio and performance-enhancing menu, Masterlab keeps this prestigious company’s dancers in top form while they call us home.

FC Edmonton

Masterlab Official Partner

Masterlab works with Edmonton’s CanPL soccer franchise under 2020’s quarantine conditions. Through online yoga classes, the club’s performance and recovery needs are augmented through yoga.

Many of the same menu items used to fuel the performance needs of these footballers are also available via Masterlab’s Personalized Meal Service.

Joseph Encinia

Masterlab guest coach, Brooklyn
International yoga champion Joseph Encinia was training with Masterlab before narrowly escaping quarantine in early 2020 to return safely home. But fret not, he will return. Till then, enjoy Esquire’s exposé: Esquire

“Encinia was a legend. He was as flexible as a gymnast, as strong as a weight lifter … it was rumored, he’d taught the rich and famous at a Bollywood mega-gym. … His signature move was a handstand-backbend combo known as Scorpion that involves curling your spine until your feet rest atop your head.”